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Today’s horoscope for Tuesday comes with good news for Sagittarius. You will feel really comfortable with your partner. The highlights of the day will be calm, stability and good communication.

At the same time, there will be an awakening of your passion so don’t be surprised if you enjoy moments of pleasure in the intimacy of your home. You will feel lucky in love so take full advantage of this situation.

If you’re single, the Stars predict a week full of opportunities. Actually, today could be the beginning of a change in your life in that sense, Sagittarius. Maybe it’s not your soul mate, but it’s someone with whom you can share great moments.

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Financially speaking your horoscope for Tuesday predicts a day full of abundance and prosperity. Your kindness will be the protagonist of the day as you will feel like supporting those around you.

You will find it difficult to catch up with others if you just started this job or you’ve joined again after a long absence, but don’t worry, once you’re at the same level as everyone else you everything will be alright.

The Magic Horoscope recommends you don’t take anything too personal in the work area, always find the way of giving the best of you. That’s how you will silence the rumours and possible betrayals some want to carry on against you.


Your physical health is good but everything can always improve, you already know it. Don’t let a low mood condition you when it’s time to care for your appearance. Do some sports and look after your personal image, this will have a positive effect on your mood.

Emotionally speaking, you could feel pretty relieved after talking to someone you trust. You’ve been going through a painful period due to a loss, you will find consolation and the strength to overcome it.

Sagittarius, all processes need its time, don’t try to accelerate your emotional healing because this will happen little by little. Don’t neglect yourself either, it’s very important that you take care of yourself.