Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 18

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Today, the Sun has given you a great seductive power, whereas Venus makes you care about your self-esteem. Your emotional worries will force you to begin a new cycle of expansion which will bring important positive changes.

If you learn how to act and love with serenity you will enjoy moments of great intensity. If you’re in a relationship, Uranus is helping you break with the limits that don’t let you express yourself. Meanwhile, Venus will radiate and embrace your loved ones.

Single Sagittarius, Uranus should help you free from all these blockages you’ve forced to yourself, nevertheless, you can try your luck in love because the stars are on your side today and the rest of this month.

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The presence of Mercury in the 4th house turns family and your emotional well-being into your priorities for today. However, when it comes to your job, you should work on your professional goals with a creative vision, this way, when it’s time to act, your actions will be more powerful.

The stars reinforce everything related to your job these days, the issues related to youw working life will be solved with time, so now you don’t need to devote your time or effort into them, just keep acting the same as you have acted up to the moment.

Your financial situation continues stable thanks to your sensible decisions and your wise way of managing your money.


Try to rest enough after working out according to your age and your stage on life. Don’t waste the vital energy that runs inside of you with pointless efforts.

You will benefit from massages on your head and on your face, and also on your calves and ankles. Uranus is entering the 6th house and this points the importance of these areas in your body. You begin to notice more creativity when it comes to your health.

With Venus in Pisces, you know the importance of a strong emotional health in your 4th house. Go to spiritual therapies to get a stable health state. Your well-being is a whole and you must pay attention to every single part of this whole.