Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Few days like today you will feel so full of passion and so much need to love and be loved. However, giving is more important than receiving, because you feel an unrestrained need to give yourself body and soul to the person you love. If you are sure that this is the right person, do it without fear.

The stars push you to surrender to love with total plenitude without thinking about the rest, and although other facets of your life are also very important, nothing like love will fill your inner emptiness today.


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The easiest way to regain energy this Monday is to set yourself challenges that motivate you, short-term incentives that get you to shake off your laziness and get you into the work dynamic quickly. Today can be a very good day to join your peers and try to achieve good results with shared effort.

As far as finances are concerned, today will be a very placid day in which you will recover the levels lost in the last few days, and you will receive an influx of money that you must know how to keep keeping a cool mind.

It is also a day where the stars will test your generosity, and you can demonstrate your altruism without jeopardizing your stability.


The presence of gases in your intestine is normal, Sagittarius, but when these accumulate and cannot circulate easily, pains appear. And today, the stars foresee a favorable picture for centaurs in all aspects except this one: you will feel the uncomfortable presence of stuck gases in your stomach.

The first thing is not to press too much or get nervous, the problem regulates itself and, in any case, you can speed up the process by drinking fennel tea with lemon balm and walking for a few minutes. In this way you stimulate the functioning of the intestine and eliminate gases in a natural way.