Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for January 18

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The life of Sagittarius suffers today a sweet convulsion, as if an external force, cosmic and planetary had shaken everything that moves within you to grow in your soul passions that make you feel alive, dynamic and electrifying.

Surrounded by great self-trust, you will want to undertake new challenges of which you are fully convinced of your victory. It is time to face any challenge without fear, because rarely will you feel so passionately happy.

This passion can be translated in a positive way into love, but at the same time it demands the resolution of new needs. You can explore new emotional territories and even try new experiences that up to now you have not even thought of.


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It has been hard but in the end you have come to understand that certain situations demand responsibility and courage, and although it has not been easy you have ended up assuming that leadership position that belonged to you. Now is the time to face difficult moments that demand concentration and lucidity.

But the most important thing is that the exchange of energy between the planets deploys on your star regent a special dose of confidence and security that offer you temperance when analyzing the problems.

Also, little by little the first successes arrive and that reinforces your ascendant and the admiration and respect with which the others see you. Now is the time to strengthen your leadership.


This Friday the spirit of Sagittarius is guided by passions, and that in general is something very positive, because it is what makes you feel alive, happy, energetic. However, and even more so in your case, excesses can quietly lead to the abandonment of healthy habits.

The stars see a special need to avoid sweets, a temptation that when you're happy and euphoric manages to dominate you completely. However, this dangerously breaks the balance that you had achieved after much effort and sacrifice.

For the Sagittarius who are smokers, it is more and more urgent that you reduce the cigarettes you smoke a day and start thinking about an orderly and serious plan to quit smoking.