Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The day invites optimism and the explosion of your social qualities: far from locking yourself up, you must look for the advantages of socialization. But today do not look at your personal interests, but what you can offer to others, because the stars give you the power to make the people around you happy.

Furthermore, doing good will nourish your spiritual greatness and nourish your energetic channels of fluence and dynamism. You will feel the flow of energies and a feeling of great inner peace, an enormous personal satisfaction of seeing all that is wonderful you can offer to your environment.

You will always find, during today's journey, a reason to be happy and generous with others. If you are able to free yourself from certain prejudices, you will find human relationships very rewarding.


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Today is an ideal day for Sagittarius to immerse themselves in the depths of knowledge and mystery. You will notice a thirst for knowledge that, when intelligently channeled, can fill you with wisdom. A most productive and interesting day.

Also, the stars offer you a special ability to reach the knowledge of obtuse things. If you are a lover of mystery and the occult, it is perfect for entering into this type of knowledge. If not, it's never a bad time to start. Try it, maybe you like it.

If you are a Sagittarius with a job, today you have to pacify and relax the atmosphere in your workplace. The atmosphere is charged with bad vibes, but you arrive with energy and renewed optimism.


Minor problems cannot condition your mood, much less today, when social commitments and work obligations require you to offer your maximum. The day will end with an incomparable feeling of personal satisfaction if you don't ruin it with strange ideas...

Pessimism has no place on this day. Does your throat hurt? Do you wake up weak? Do you cough too much? Is your food indigestible? It's up to you to sink into the moans or overcome them with a good dose of mental strength and pain resistance.

This is especially relevant for Sagittarius who find themselves in bed at home or in a hospital overcoming an illness. Encouragement is your best ally.