Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



A kind of astral confluences and coincidences play in your favor to put in connection the elements that until now were disintegrated. This means that in chaos order will appear, and in disorientation the necessary direction to return to the path of fullness.

This journey demands from Sagittarius an optimistic impulse movement. Remove the ghosts of failure and favor this positive flow with the optimism of your mind, because you have an inner power that can generate positive dynamics.

Events throughout the day will reward this good disposition in your mood.


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Although bad news may flow around you today, you must maintain your mental strength so as not to be dragged along by the fatalistic current, and that is sometimes no good. As a bad part, today the stars place you in a very dangerous current of pessimism, but as a good part open several opportunities to turn the situation around.

If you are able to cool your mind and put the maximum of your talents as a fighter, putting into practice an enviable capacity of overcoming that constitutes your heart of Sagittarius, then you will have the opportunity to stand out from the others. Little by little your abilities will be shining at the same time that the deficiencies of the others are revealed.

In finance, be more aggressive, and remember that not everyone means as well as you do.


In your war against sweet pounds today a new battle, but this time not because of weight problems but because too much food with sugar is damaging your dental health. It's time to follow some very basic instructions to reduce the risk of cavities.

Adapt to a balanced diet that contains nuts, grains, vegetables, protein, fruit and low-fat dairy products. Try to avoid products with sugar (read product labels carefully!), limit snacks between meals and remember that celery and garlic can be natural protectors against bacteria on your teeth.

Follow these simple rules, avoid chewing gum and sugary juices and replace them with water, and you'll see how the health of your teeth improves. In exchange, you can allow yourself some whim with the food.