Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for January 19

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Overcoming adversity in order to reach a point of equilibrium and accommodate yourself in that relative happiness is something unambitious for a Sagittarius like you. You should think more about how to face the challenges that can lead to a full life.

Life is full of responsibilities, also in a sentimental relationship, and it's time for you to take your part. It's time to step forward in your relationship and make more commitment.

But you must not do it as an obligation, Sagittarius, but with all the illusion that a passionate love offers you. And if you don't feel that way, you must question the relationship as a whole.


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In the workplace, the day is marked by an impressive state of confusion that condemns you to eat mistakes at every step you take. Your regent's situation expresses an obfuscation of your ability to discern and decide, and that makes you erratic.

Do not make important decisions or try to do more than is asked of you, for today you are not particularly inspired. You must wait for the stars to give you back that valuable source of lucidity.

On the other hand, the day brings some blockages in financial issues and the paralysis of some actions that will affect some type of sale or transaction that had underway.


Sometimes you forget, Sagittarius, that mental health is just as important or more important than physical health, and so you overlook some things that are blocking your ability to feel happy and fulfilled. Today a trauma that has you trapped will manifest itself more intensely.

That trauma is nothing more than an unpleasant situation that left you in the past a bad memory, which underlies your subconscious and from time to time emerges back to the surface. 

The manifestation of this trauma, which affects your mood and prevents you from facing your life normally, stems from your inability to resolve it. In other words, Sagittarius: running away from this trauma only perpetuates it, and only if you are able to solve it will you be able to put an end to it and feel better.