Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




Today seems like the perfect day for any kind of love proposals. All encounters will be positive and will wake up your sweetest and most affectionate side. There will also be time for passion and sexuality, which will be the protagonist of the day.

Your family will remain without changes so you won’t have to worry about it. If you have a healthy relationship with some relative, it will continue this way, and distant relationships won’t suffer any transformation.

If you’re single, you have the blessing of Love, that’s why today you should take advantage and use the good energy of the planets in order to carry out your plans. It’s a good moment to get close to that special person, you might receive an affirmative answer.

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Financially speaking you still enjoy a time of calm and abundance. This will make you feel safer and at the same time, you will invest and risk in a way that you couldn’t afford before. It’s time you enjoy attracting fortune in your life.

People working with you have always tried to hinder your achievements but now you have the support of a superior who knows the situation and will just put an end to the situation.

If you’re self-employed and thinking about making your business grow, you will have the support of someone with great influence who will help you meet your goals in a very short time. It’s a fantastic moment to make extra money.


Your health is strong, but you could have some discomfort in the cervix, shoulders or arms. You should ask for an appointment with a masseur, and if the discomfort continues you will have to call the doctor.

Use plants such as lavender or verbena to relieve muscle aches and relax your nerves. You should take some herbal tea to relax before going to sleep. This will help you rest better, and it has many other beneficial effects.

You know exactly what you need emotionally speaking, and you’re working to get it, so don’t stray from the path. You will feel a little bit down today, but you must think it’s just something temporary, you can take control of your affective life, you’re strong enough and have the knowledge to do it.