Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Dear Sagittarius, if everything always turned out the way you want it to, life wouldn't have the slightest bit of interest, and although you sometimes have to suffer a little, you often know how to find (bravo for that optimism!) the incentive to live in those nooks and crannies of love that you can't control.

It begins a stage of your sentimental life with uncontrolled passions and no control over your reasoning. That means that nothing you try to process through the filter of reason and logic will offer you the answers to your questions. All your concerns have their answer in the soul.

In the spirit you will find chaos, decontrol and a mixture of euphoria and despair. An explosive cocktail in which, however, is also found the explanation to your questions. Listen to your heart.


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Patting on the back doesn't always respond to sincere gratification and also distorts your perception of yourself and your work. If you let yourself be carried away by the praise and applause, you will end up sinking into the bitter punishment of complacency.

On the other hand, there is a much smarter way, which is to turn a deaf ear to easy praise. When you do your job well, Sagittarius, you must be satisfied and proud of it. But the smart thing is to use that satisfaction to keep up the line of effort and work.

Beware, centaur, because around you sharks smell blood and pile up waiting for the moment to attack. Don't be so innocent, and be more cautious when choosing your companies.


The anomalies in your body deserve all your attention today, but beware, Sagittarius, because you are prone to put yourself in the worst. Any small lump or rarity you find has a simpler explanation than it appears and, in any case, you have to go to the specialist.

Going into a state of worry or even panic over a hasty diagnosis, as well as absurd and unnecessary, is counterproductive to your health. It will be enough for you to make the determination to explore your body and be more intense in the care of your health.