Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




This Thursday seems that Mercury on your sign will make things slower again. Yes, you’re still enjoying good moments in love, but don’t expect great events today. It will be a pretty quiet day without any news in the love area, Sagittarius.

Things will be calm as well in your family life, there won’t be any type of tension or argument between family members, and your children will be quite distant, but without causing any problem.

Single Sagittarius, you need to keep calm today, all the energetic movement you’ve enjoyed these last days will be paused again due to the influence of the slow-moving planets that will be in your sign.

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As for your economy, this planetary influence will be barely noticeable, Sagittarius. This means that you will still enjoy a good financial situation and your earnings won’t decrease noticeably.

You’ve learned to cover your back, your bosses and superiors might see all your potential and could suggest changing your position in the company. Think carefully about your answer before confirming anything.

It will be a lucky day for any type of business and deals that are related to entry or exit of goods, paperwork or bureaucracy related to economic litigation.


Sagittarius, this Thursday your health will suffer a little bit as the strength and energy you’ve been feeling until now will suddenly stop due to an infection. It won’t be anything serious that can’t be cured with the right treatment, so don’t worry about it.

Emotionally speaking, you will find a strength in you that will surprise you. In spite of everything you’ve been through you will be able to feel happy and even encourage those around you. You will benefit from keeping the focus of attention away from you and passing it to someone else.

Remember, Sagittarius, wherever we put our focus on, there we will go. Try to focus on things that are different from usual, this won’t only refresh your mind, but also your emotions.