Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 2

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Remember that many times we judge people according to our own fears and beliefs. If you adopt a more positive attitude you will get better results with your loved ones.

If you’re single, don’t trust the first person you see, be cautious and let time tell you if that person is really worth loving, all that glitters is not gold.

It’s important to learn to share responsibilities, this will help you relief from life’s stress and also let you participate in family life. Sharing your life is all about balance and both members in a relationship must be responsible of their own life.

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You might know how to have a stable financial life, but sometimes you don’t take some expenses into account. Take a paper and a pen and plan your family finances, it will help you control your excesses.

You have a strong fighting spirit that lets you adapt to most situations, but you tend to pay it emotionally. Your job doesn’t only need to give you money, but also the feeling that you’re doing something you enjoy.

Go towards those professional activities that you feel drawn to, learn how to achieve your goals without risking too much, and everything will work out in your favour.


You are going through a period of emotional blockage and you won’t feel especially full today. Don’t worry, emotions can accumulate inside of us until we let them go. If you find the way to relief yourself you will soon gain all your energy back.

Don’t you forget about that purpose of eating healthier, or your daily exercise because you might feel your body will end up stopping you, Sagittarius. You have a strong body, but it knows how to slow you down so that you sort out your life.  

Find the right moment to get all the emotional discomfort out of you. You can write, talk to a friend, maybe hit some cushions? But just remember that the accumulation of worries and negative feelings is a burden that prevents you from moving forward.