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Sagittarius have a more lucid and awake mind than usual, and that makes them more receptive to knowledge. That, added to a minor identity crisis that makes you look for answers to existential questions, makes you sensitive to certain knowledge systems.

That is why Sagittarius can approach religion and Eastern philosophies today as a need to find refuge in these systems of understanding life. Focus on self-knowledge.

Some people may threaten this increase in your spirituality with aggressive attitudes and betrayals. That is why it is very important that you avoid coming into contact with people who bring bad vibrations, and get close to people who bring you positive things.


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When the mood comes down, work is usually the first area of your life to resent that, so it's very important that during today, you find a way to motivate yourself. How about starting the morning with a piece of motivating music that cheers you up?

Going for a walk in the morning before going to work and maintaining a good attitude towards others all day will put an end to this pain that accompanies you. The best begins with inner change.

When it comes to work, your understanding reaches higher levels than usual and that helps you understand things faster and execute them more successfully. Take advantage of this circumstance, be active throughout the day, and take action with more enthusiasm.


The most important thing to overcome a bump in your health is to maintain the desire to overcome any adversity, maintain a high mood and a strong mentality. The feeling of tiredness and physical pain from fever can plunge you into depression.

The elements are fluctuating in the cosmos in favor of a quick recovery of Sagittarius, but the mental factor will be fundamental to accelerate that process. Surrounding yourself with people important to you and facing these moments with good humor will help you feel better.

For the older Sagittarius, joint pain, muscle aches and bone weakness marks the beginning of February. Continued physical exercise will be the best ally: walk a little every day.