Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



To start recovering your self-confidence, you need to open up to your social life. Organizing interesting plans with your friends and meeting new people will help you strengthen your communication skills, avoid isolation and adopt a more active and cheerful attitude.

There will be no blockages that prevent you from having a healthy relationship with some of your friends, the discussions may appear with unusual aggressiveness, but you have to make an effort to make a new reality.

In the current, it is very necessary that you obtain a base of loyal and committed friends. The mutual support will be fundamental to continue evolving in some aspects. Generosity towards others will be rewarded with more attention and support towards you in difficult times.


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The cosmic influences are not very promising at the beginning of the year as a dark cloud of bad luck looms over your business, your professional aspirations and your personal projects. What could seem to be an illusion can become a disconcerting frustration.

To avoid bad luck, you can perform some spells and actively fight away those bad influences. The first thing you should do is deeply clean your house with a mixture of rue and start in the southern part of the house, which is where the economic part takes place.

Build a small altar to make an atmosphere of sacredness and esoteric confluence to perform simple rituals. For example, you can draw a pentagram to represent the elements and place candles and coins around them. Burning laurel leaves will help you invoke the spirits.


The imbalances in your body may generate some secondary problems that if aren’t treated in time, can complicate and turn into some serious ailments. Now is the time to recover the discipline achieved a few weeks ago.

Parties are always a good time to help relax certain habits, to celebrate and give space to joy and pleasure, but little by little you must recover good behaviors that will guarantee you strength to start the year with energy and optimism.

You need a clear head as soon as possible to recover maximum agility. New challenges await so you should be at your best.