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The heart dictates some feelings that are difficult to bear for a fragile soul, and sometimes the cruelty with which you try to manage your emotional world make you a gray and taciturn person. Actually, Sagittarius, you are a luminous being.

That's why you must open the energy channels, clean the aura and favors the good energies. The people around you can nourish you with beneficial confluences to face the day with optimism.

Doing your favorite activities and abandoning yourself to pleasures can be equally conducive to lift the mood and achieve happiness.  


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Illusions about an operation that could wipe out large profits are dashed by the action of others, but according to the horoscope prediction, Sagittarius can face small investments successfully.

You are in a period especially suitable for small operations. The secret is to diversify, Sagittarius, not to focus all your money on one big operation or one single activity. The impulse will help you see everything more clearly.

Money recovery slows down, and that requires more patience and more effort. Sooner or later you'll get what you deserve.

At work, good atmosphere and good humor merge with a special inclination to make the effort. Keep up the good work.


The musical waves and aromas filter through the body of Sagittarius in a very special way this Saturday. You will enjoy a feeling of joy and euphoria driven by the atmosphere around you, which you have to show open and absorbent.

Listening to your favorite music and eating your favorite dish will help you awaken your senses, but there are many other activities you can do. Going out into nature and breathing in the aromas of the countryside will make you feel especially good, and that will fortify your inner power.

In the evening a bath of salts with aromatic incense will be the best way to end the day with peace and tranquility. Days like today's are the ones that recharge your batteries so that you continue to work one hundred percent and continue to retain that strength of centaur.