Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



This will be a quiet day for those Sagittarius who have a partner. You will enjoy stability in your relationship and your feelings will be reaffirmed.

However, you may feel the need to renew your love story. This means a radical change, maybe welcoming a new member of the family or maybe you will have a totally different approach of your love bond.

If you’re single and you know how to take advantage of Jupiter’s energy, you will be able to seduce and give in to fun and pleasure. Socialization will be a must if you want some spark to emerge so that you can begin a love adventure.

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When it comes to finances, you’re thinking about changing your bank or handling your money in a more productive way. You will feel the need to put new strategies into practice so that you can manage your money.

At work, it’s still time for change, if nothing has happened yet it shouldn’t take long now. The positive side of this is that these changes will make you have really original ideas that will let you achieve professional success.

The planetary energies aren’t favouring you right now, but you will be able to deal with all these challenges and you’ll end up succeeding. Believe in yourself and go ahead with all your projects.


You might be suffering from some type of muscle discomfort that’s affecting your nerves too. Being all day in pain is not pleasant, so try to find a solution before it becomes something worse.

Remember that your liver is one of your weaknesses as a Sagittarius. If you’ve overeaten these days you may want to start a detox diet, or at least take some herbal infusions to detox your liver.

You’ve always been a very intuitive person and, now that your emotions have calmed down, you’re very likely to have premonitory dreams and visions that are trying to give you an important message. Take note of all of this, it’s a lot of relevant information for you.