Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Curiosity can play tricks on you today, unless you do your own thing and stop taking an interest in other people's private lives. To stop whispering and avoid snooping is essential in order not to end up unleashing a monumental discussion in your most intimate circle of friends.

Even if you don't have bad intentions, sometimes these attitudes end up causing misunderstandings and it's better to avoid it.

As a positive part, Sagittarius will be infused today by the amatory arts and, greatly influenced by the flame of Mars, will be driven towards dominance in bed.


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Economically you will feel some pressure to risk your economy, probably from your own bank or some investors, but you have to preserve your autonomy and make decisions without getting carried away. Coldly analyze the circumstances and make the best decision for you

If you resort to the stars, you should know that the position of your regent and the influence of the stars on him rule out large profits for this time, and instead, if there is a risk of loss. You have little to gain and much to lose.

On the positive side, during today, your superiors will give you more responsibility at work and, although at times it may give you some vertigo, feeling the weight of responsibility on your shoulders can be an incentive to move forward.


The astral transition removes the threats of the natives of Sagittarius and takes them by the hand towards a state of calm and relaxation that opens new opportunities for spiritual and aesthetic growth. 

As for your spiritual realm, you can explore new needs that achieve full inner balance and deep connection between mind and spirit. The knowledge of reiki and tao can be a vital revelation that helps you live by further optimizing your inner power, a source of energy that shines within you and that you are not taking advantage of.

During the day you also need to regain some self-esteem to improve your health, and what better than spending time in clothing stores and beauty salons to become a brush and shine like never before yourself and others.