Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for January 20

Your Horoscope for Sunday
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You are in a context of special commitment with regard to love, because a positive energy flowing from your regent planet acts as an impulse to consolidate the common project. It is a very interesting phase in which problems will be solved for the benefit of the triumph of love.

In addition to committing to building a future full of love and prosperity, this Sunday's journey is very encouraging for those Sagittarius who are in a small sentimental bump. It is time to bring out the most compassionate Sagittarius.

You must act as an impulse for reconciliation, abandoning any feeling of pride and promoting forgiveness as an act of generosity.


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This Sunday for Sagittarius demands, in the economic and work field, two fundamental challenges to reduce stress and anguish: to strengthen savings and disconnect from work.

With regard to disconnection from work, the fundamental thing is to deactivate instant messaging groups that have to do with work and avoid the temptation to go through the e-mail. Stay away from electronics and do outdoor activities to help you disconnect.

When it comes to savings, it's time to set priorities and, above all, avoid shopping when you're frustrated or depressed. If, from now on, you only buy out of necessity, the economic recovery will accelerate considerably.


You are in a propitious context to dedicate more time to aesthetic treatments and to improve some part of your physique that make you feel better. Beyond the small complexes and arrangements, you want to make, it is important that today you discover the beauty that is in you.

Not everything is in the physical, Sagittarius. Or at least, not everything is solved with aesthetics. Your self-esteem must start from the feeling of well-being with yourself through the power of the mind.

Getting ready, eating well and doing sports are complementary to a vital satisfaction. If you are happy, your face shines brighter, and if you are able to repeat to yourself today several times "I love myself as I am" and you are convinced of it, you will be able to start a new life with more security.