Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




It’s a very positive day for love exchanges when talking about both conversations and behaviour and gestures. Sexuality will be the protagonist of the day, so you can enjoy as much as you want with your partner.

You will leave all your inhibitions behind and you will try something new. Play and surprise will play an important role in your sexual encounters. Give in and take the lead in every area.

If you’re single, today is going to be a very good day to have a romantic encounter. You are very likely to have an adventure that fills you with illusion and satisfaction. Don’t look for it any further, enjoy the moment with this person who has just appeared in your life.

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Someone in your circle could ask you for financial help. You’ve already helped this person in the past and you’ve never had any problem with them giving you the money back, so you shouldn’t have these doubts.

Your worries regarding work have finally finished. Those who made your life impossible at work have disappeared. There will be changes, possible transfers and the arrival of new workmates who are going to be on your same wavelength.

Today is a good day for finances and work. Think about that idea you’ve got in mind, it could become a good project from which you can start living off very soon.


You might wake up with your muscles feeling unexpectedly stiff. Don’t be too demanding with yourself and take the necessary steps to relieve this tension and pain. You should visit the doctor as long as the visit doesn’t just result in you taking some medicines.

On the emotional level, the feeling of discouragement you’ve had these last days is going away now, so you will probably go back to seeing your life from a different perspective. Keep being constant, a new life is waiting for you.

If you’re able to leave the painful moments behind, both from a recent or distant past, your personal evolution will improve its quality a lot. Let go of everything that brings you bad memories.