Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |





This week you will feel new love energies. Everything you dreamt once now comes true because you feel your relationship with your partner is something really special. You don’t see a love like this every day, remember.

Stability and strengths will be the words that define your love life this week so your love story will end up with an important commitment. You’re enjoying the most pleasant moments in your life when it comes to love.

If you’re single you will feel especially drawn to living a love story, but not just anyone. Everything you’ve learned in your past relationships has taught you what you need, and now you’re ready to begin a romance that will end in a wedding.

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You will have to face new legal issues in order to put your finances in order. Nevertheless, you will be able to find a solution once you get some professional advice.

You’re not exactly comfortable in your work environment so you will feel tensions and turbulent emotions. Don’t let stress take its toll on you and don’t bring your work problems back home with you.

Those projects that don’t seem to end will finally have a solution. You will have to put an extra effort but everything will end up being clear. This week will put you to the test, so be patient.


You’re fighting some addiction and whether it’s tobacco or food, it’s becoming quite difficult for you. Don’t get frustrated, you know you are worried about your health so you will find out the way to overcome this situation.

You feel that you need a change, and this change will come from within. You will feel strong enough and with enough willpower to accomplish everything you try. Your health will definitely improve from now on.

Seek the support of those around you, they can give you valuable advice on how to find an emotional balance. Your commitment and honesty to yourself will have really good results. Don’t waste your time feeling guilty and negative, these feelings will just block your growth process.