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Sagittarius, pay special attention to everything your partner has to say about your relationship today. Try not to take anything as an offense and listen openly so that you can make your bond stronger.

Don’t let the ghosts from the past confuse you, Sagittarius. Today’s horoscope predicts an intense day when it comes to emotions. In the end, it will be quite constructive and you will learn many things from it.

If single, you will feel calm and confident regarding love. Something is telling you that you will open your heart again sooner than expected, but today won’t be that day.

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Your finances keep going as expected, that is, positively. You have absolute control of your earnings so you can respond immediately after any situation of emergency, and that makes you feel very lucky.

You’ve been offered a promotion recently and you’re not totally sure about it. Think carefully about the reasons that are stopping you from accepting it. It could be because you’re afraid of all the responsibility, or maybe because you’re just not interested.

If you’re in the world of arts, you will be lucky today. The horoscope predicts great success for artist Sagittarius, no matter the discipline: writers, painters, photographers… All of them (and the last ones in particular) will see their dreams come true.


Your health for this Friday will be good, Sagittarius. If you’ve suffered some problem recently you could still find it difficult to recover, but it won’t be a long convalescence, on the contrary, you will feel totally renovated and full of energy in a couple of days.

On the other hand, you will experience some mixed emotions today. On the one hand, you’re in the process of overcoming a great pain, and on the other hand you feel calm and pleased with yourself. This can seem contradictory but it will become a great strength.

Remember not to put the needs of others before yours, except when it’s an emergency. This doesn’t mean you must forget about your family obligations, but instead, include yourself in them.