Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



A love story with Sagittarius means accepting their strength and energy and their need for adventures. That’s why your partner sometimes doesn’t know how to behave with you. Use dialogue when this happens.

Be cautious and try to find a point of confluence with your partner if you want your relationship to improve. Bursts of anger or imposing your point of view won’t work to achieve what you want.

If you’re single this could change, but it’s not time yet to establish long-lasting relationships. You will have many opportunities to live romances, but the possibility of going steady will take a while to arrive.

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You’re still lucky when it comes to money, you don’t have any needs and you have the chance to increasing your wealth. You’re a very smart person so you won’t find it difficult when you want to find new ways of making money without working.

As for your job, today you need to keep your cool. Stay firm and keep working whatever it happens, be as enthusiastic as you’ve been until now. You will reap the fruits of your effort once the storm passes.

Don’t obsess over the idea that you don’t know what to do with your working life. Make the decisions you must, take a little step every time, and don’t anticipate problems, this way you will get to your goal before you expected.


If you’ve been able to control the discomforts that started this week, today your pain will go away completely so your mood will be lifted and you will be optimistic. Take advantage and commit to our health.

Thinking about how long you spend taking care of yourself is also a good idea. Everybody knows your tendency to look after others, but now it’s time for you.

Use the power of dreams to receive important messages from the Universe that will guide you wisely towards your objectives. Your personal evolution has started and there’s no stopping you.