Magical Horoscope Sagittarius |



The stars invite you on this journey to break the isolation you have imposed on yourself and live a full social life that will come auspicious by a special brilliance. All your social skills are enhanced, and this indicates that wherever you go you will feel the protagonist, and eager to lead. 

For Sagittarius, today, it is appropriate to go to social events and in which you can stand out above the rest. This magnetism can also have a clear love vocation: you are in an ideal moment to attract others.

In the area of relationships, however, if you have a stable partner must avoid excesses and excessive confidence: pampering the relationship from the delicacy and tenderness will be much more productive than grandiloquence.


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You have to extend your social networks to consecrate your work in a collective effort. Great projects can come out of contacts, and it is clear that the stars do not indicate a path to solitary success, but rather a need to count on others.

Very attentive to calls, emails, encounters and social events, because from conversations today can come to a very interesting proposal that triggers a successful project.

Attention, Sagittarius without work! It's time to intensify efforts, something important is coming, a stroke of luck, and you have to be prepared for it. 


The appearance of hair problems such as hair loss or dandruff, sexual dysfunctions such as erection problems, sudden changes in weight and obesity, appearance of skin problems, complications in mouth infections and bad breath... These and other small health problems are big concerns for your self-esteem.

Although they are not threatening problems for your health, they affect the appearance that you offers to others, and that can generate some declines in self-esteem. That's why they are issues that you must solve as soon as possible, and return to trust yourself and your image.

At certain times of the day you will feel that your legs are failing and your mind is obfuscated and is a clear sign that you need new reserves of energy: more minerals, more vitamins, more iron.