Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for January 21

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Today some changes of relevance that can lead to confusion, disorientation and incomprehension will be manifested with more force in the personality of Sagittarius. However, you have to know that these are natural and positive changes to which you have to find accommodation.

It is a process of introspection that leads you to be a less adventurous person who feels increasingly uncomfortable in the provisional. At the bottom of your soul is revealed the need for more security.

You will feel the emergence of a more conservative nature, in search of stability, and the imperative need for more physical contact with others.


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In order to be successful in your business and your projects, this Monday it is vitally important that you intensify your persuasive capacity. Expressing your ideas and needs clearly helps you convince others of what you are so deeply convinced of.

It is not enough to carry out your ideas with security and firmness, because if you do not know how to communicate your achievements to others your work is isolated and unrecognized. The time has come to pass on your ideas.

This is especially important for Sagittarius who have a job interview today. It is not enough with your preparation or your desire to work. You have to be able to communicate effectively all the potential that you treasure as a worker.


The days are going by a little rough for the health of Sagittarius, not so much for the internal health, which continues to evolve very favorably, but rather for some accidents that lead to sprains. The situation remains in danger of trauma.

Today this danger of blows focuses on the area of the head, and the stars recommend special caution not to suffer serious trauma in such a delicate and important area.

Some intense pains may also appear as a result of stress and high blood pressure, but these will disappear if you manage to relax and give your body adequate rest. The challenges of the day demand the greatest lucidity in your mind, so you must get to reduce the pain.