Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for June 21

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Don’t settle for what you already know in love. Comfort in a relationship can lead to routine, and routine can become boring. Plan things to do together with the person you love if you want to keep the spark.

You will have an unexpected visit in your family. It’s a closer person who has hurt you in the past because of a selfish attitude. Receive this person without any remorse and listen to what they have to tell you.

Single Sagittarius, you’re enjoying very exciting moments, you keep meeting new people. You must be careful, though, you could be too distracted to notice someone who could become an important addition in your life.

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Now your economy has the protection of the Cosmos you can carry on with those plans you had forgotten about. It’s the time to plan a long trip, fulfill your dreams and make your old wishes come true.

You’ve been able to find your place at work and defend it with courage. Nobody has given you anything, you’ve achieved everything you have with effort and consistency. Feel proud of this and give yourself more value.

You’ll meet someone today who is going to give you some ideas about your vocation. You might have discarded to work doing what you like the most for fear of not being able to live on it, but today you will realize you could have been wrong.


Take care of your personal space. Clean everything around you at home, dispose of what you don’t use anymore. Start by tidying the kitchen, including cupboards, fridge and all the tools you use to cook. This is going to help you feel strong and start a healthier diet easily.

Do some sport in order to calm down. You know you get back home more relaxed every time you go for a jog or swimming. Use physical activity to slow down your thoughts.

Keep paying attention to the concerns of your soul. Find some inspiring reading, a documentary or biography of someone who can teach you how to contact with something deeper. Don’t lose yourself in the shallowness of material life.