Magical Horoscope Sagittarius
Magical Horoscope Sagittarius |



With such overwhelming inertia, be careful not to take anyone ahead, Sagittarius. You have to encourage this crazy desire to live and do things, to put all your soul into what you do, but you have to look more around you, and the people who accompany you.

The stars put in your way some obstacles that you can stumble if you let yourself be carried away by the irrepressible desire to live everything to the fullest. Even though these are days when emotions soar, make use of your maturity to be able to stop at the right times.

In matters of the heart, you run the serious risk of harming others because of your selfishness. It is not only a matter of satiating your desire, centaur, but also of respecting the feelings of others.


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In your life you have set priorities that are not filling your spiritual void, so the more money you spend, the less satisfied you are. You have to change the perspective of your life. It's not just about the money, Sagittarius, but how you invest it.

At this stage of your life you should perhaps think more about long-term investments, which consolidate that need for a more stable life with ambitious goals. Acquiring real estate is a much smarter investment than some superficialities.

On the financial side the situation is stable, so you can start thinking about some long-term investment. If not now, when? 


Some chemical elements can be abrasive to your skin and trigger some problems in the dermis that you should discuss with the medical specialist. But it's always better to prevent, so watch out for the chemicals you're exposed to.

In particular, Sagittarius women should avoid as much as possible makeup and anti-wrinkle creams, among other cosmetic products. This is a good opportunity to discover that you are a wonderful person who feels divinely the years. 

Show your beauty to the world in a natural way, without make-up or creams, and learn to value the imperfection of your body as a perfect reality. The stars favor the growth of your self-esteem and health.