Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |




You want to have fun and if you’re in a relationship you are willing to enjoy life by doing silly things and being crazy. If you and your partner are not on the same wavelength, this could be a problem because you are in a stage of expansion and you need to open up to all the good things in life.

If you’re single, in your life there will be people with whom you can live stories which will not be serious but will be exciting. Fun is a constant in your romance, Sagittarius, fun without commitment will be the keynote of this April.

You will feel drawn to social relationships and visiting friends and acquaintances with whom you will plan amusing moments. Today you only want to laugh, play, celebrate life and love without worries.

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Money is coming slowly to you, you don’t need to worry as you have the necessary income not to go through any difficulty. You will soon notice how your money starts increasing again.

In terms of work, some big changes and improvements are about to come which will mean better payments and a position of greater responsibility. Open yourself to these changes and take advantage of the opportunities which favour you.

Your good mood makes you feel comfortable in your workplace and smooth out any problem that might have happened some days before.


You start this week feeling better than ever. Your health is strong and this will impact on your mood, which has already been really positive these days. You will want to take care of yourself, especially your look, you want to take care of your appearance so that it reflects how well you are inside.

Joy is going to stay with you during this time of the month and this fills you with positive energy that you transmit to your friends and family, with whom you will live moments of relaxing and fun.

Taking advantage of your good mood, it’s a good moment to take control of your eating habits. Look for healthy recipes which are also flavourful and plan a weekly menu which includes food of different colours. If you also drink lots of fluids, you’ll look amazing.