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This Thursday you’ve got the opportunity to live a very lucky day together with your loved one. Care for the little details and give your partner everything they need to feel safe by your side.

You will find your family life makes sense and becomes something very important. You might move soon and this is something that will make your relationship with your loved ones much  better.

Today you’re very likely to experience a very sudden and intense meeting, and it could have some opportunities of becoming something more serious in the future. It’s all a matter of time and patience, so give in, enjoy the moment but still be aware.

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Wealth is part of your life, not just today, this week or this month, all this 2019 has been blessed by the goddess Fortuna. This will allow you to save money to invest and you will be able to go on more trips.

At work it could seem like there’s an unstable environment, but the result will be the opposite. Everything that happens at work will help improve the current situation. Don’t chicken out and keep doing your task just as you’ve done it up to now, and receive what’s going to come with wisdom.

On the other hand, you adapt well to changes so it won’t be difficult to use the circumstances to your favour.  Wait for the right moment, and when the stream runs on your favour you, jump to your goals!


Keeping your mood up is the most important thing for your health right now. You know how emotions affect your body, you’ve been able to check it in many occasions, so turn this into your priority.

You need to deepen in your spirituality. You have left this tendency for esotericism behind, but this is what will give you the strength to rise above all.

Your wisdom is growing slowly so don’t hesitate for a single second, you can get to be a person who knows how to lead a natural, healthy and prosperous life.