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What your voice cannot express with words today, your inspiration will turn your feelings into written words, and that's why this day can turn into a very interesting Friday epistolary. How long does it take for you not to write a letter to your best friend, your partner or a relative? Write a letter declaring your love or your friendship, or asking for forgiveness...

It is an ideal day to put some feelings in order, but be careful. According to the prediction of the stars, the centaurs are going through a dangerous obsession to constantly look back at the past and recreate themselves in pain. There will also appear some news related to your ex, a person you thought already forgotten.

It is the moment, dear Sagittarius, to begin to face in a more decisive way the non-closed wounds of the past. If you continue burying the problems without facing them, you are constantly condemned to this exercise of masochism.


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The communicative problems presented today by Sagittarius oblige us to make an extra effort to communicate ideas. If you have an important presentation, think ahead and leave nothing to improvisation. Exorcize the fear of ridicule and reinforce your security. Sales jobs are the worst for you today, Centaur.

Despite this lack of ability to convince, not everything is dark today, Sagittarius. You are starting an expansive economic cycle and today, suddenly, you will discover new and interesting unexplored paths to increase your profits. Do not hesitate, take good advice to take advantage of all opportunities at your fingertips and improve your economy with guarantees.

A word of advice for Sagittarius today: Get up early, avoid the sheets sticking to you. In this way you will have more time to shake off the laziness and mentalize yourself to meet the challenges, which you really need.


Sagittarius with a history of respiratory problems should listen to their body more attentively and deal with more disciplined infectious symptoms that can take you back to the hospital and have serious consequences for your health. 

The stars also point to the lungs as a delicate area for Sagittarius, reminding you once again of the imperative need to quit smoking once and for all.