Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



Conflicts at home between you and your partner can destabilize the relationship at times of special placidity between you both. However, you must face some dangers in that sense, and the most important is to give too much depth to things that do not have it.

The conjugal coexistence is important and the cleanliness in the home or the order are vital elements. But it can never interfere negatively with other aspects of the relationship.

Don't create problems where they don't exist because of issues that can be resolved with a relaxed and mature dialogue. The journey demands containment for Sagittarius, temperance and tranquility.


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Faced with the incompatibility of the above commands and your conviction about a task, you should avoid getting into trouble and doing things as told. Discipline helps you to avoid some problems at work that can end in a labor conflict with unforeseeable consequences.

However, suggest your point of view and communicate in a relaxed but convincing way why you believe that a task should be done in the opposite direction ordered by your superiors.

Also, Sagittarius today will go through feelings of weakness and economic instability, although it is more of a perception than a reality. It is important that you analyze with coldness the situation of your finances without alarmism or fatalism. Be optimistic.


After a few days of positive evolution of the health of Sagittarius, the well-being is broken by the appearance of intense muscular pain in the neck area. Discomfort in the cervical area can lead to dizziness that incapacitates you for today.

The problems of vertigo are very unpleasant and today will affect the Sagittarius with some dizziness and feeling of uneasiness. The immediate reaction should be to avoid intense work.

Most of the time, the cause of vertigo is cervical pain, so when the neck discomfort disappears, dizziness also tends to go away. The most important thing is to rest as much as you can and avoid imbalances between the head and neck. Make gentle movements to stimulate the area.