Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The prediction of the stars prevents you from a suffocating day in closed spaces, Sagittarius, and the emergence of very stressful situations that can lead to a collapse. Perhaps not the best day to enhance your social relations or contact with others.

On the contrary, the open spaces and the connection of your being with nature seeking silence and solitude nourish you with a very special experience, almost mystical, in which you will be able to calm the spirit and know your needs better. Find the path to happiness in your innermost being.

Sentimental relationships go through a blocking moment in which attempts to resolve misunderstandings will prove futile. Let the hours pass, tomorrow will be another day.


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Have some good coffee to wake you up fast, this morning. If you are in the habit of exercising, it will be very good if you run a little in the morning before going to the office. Listen to some motivating music and get going with a smile. A hectic day awaits you.

Stress isn't always bad, and today your body is asking you to go. There will be moments of saturation during the day, but nerves and anxiety build up in your body causing blood to flow quickly through your veins and plunge you into an adrenaline-charged state of inertia.

You simply can't get off the moving train. And when the day is over you'll be more tired than ever, but with a sense of satisfaction that no one will take away from you. 


Finding the factors that make you weaker isn't easy, but in the end it's usually all about food. For the avoidance of doubt, have a complete analysis to rule out any major problems. Probably you lack some nutrient.

In general, you need to adopt better routines in your daily life, especially if work takes up much of your time. Finding time to cook and process food, as well as making a balanced diet, is essential to recover energy.

Breakfast is the most important meal: cereals, milk and a piece of fruit every morning cannot fail to get you up and face the day with that overwhelming energy.