Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |




Your inner child will be present today by letting you see life and love with new eyes. Not that you will be naïve, but you will feel joy and curiosity. Take advantage of this new energy to be creative in your love relationship.

You will be suggested plans and meetings with friends you hadn’t seen for a long time. Your good mood makes you irresistible to people. You will be the creative spirit in parties and meetings and you will have very good moments.

If single, you will have plenty of opportunities, new encounters will make it easy to live carefree adventures. Don’t expect anything serious from these new conquests, your free spirit is attracting intense but temporary romances.

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Use a good dose of this positive energy in your workplace. You’ve always been a responsible, serious person, don’t be afraid to change a little bit and show yourself as someone happy and cooperative, you will gain important transformations in your favour.

Money is not a problem for you these days. You don’t have too much, you don’t have too little. You can face your responsibilities without a great effort and you even have some savings. Enjoy this calm in terms of finances.

Now that you’re in such a good mood, take advantage to see a better professional future. Not that you’re not happy with your current job, but changing jobs to something that matches your real vocation will bring you nothing but joy.


You feel full of energy, you have a different glow and your charm has increased, already boosted by the stars throughout the month. Your special attention to details and the care you have of your body will make you look young and healthy.

You’ve always cared for fitness, and even if sometimes you’ve abandoned your exercise routines, you always end up taking it back. That's what makes your body strong and easy to get in shape, as little as you do.

Cut sugar out of your diet, at least for a while. This change will produce some positive changes in yourself, not just externally, but also regarding the health in your organism.