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Building a long-term loving project may be demanding too much energy on your part, and you are abandoning without realizing the most essential things of everyday life. Listen more to the other person and work to match your personality to theirs, otherwise, you run the risk of the passion disappearing.

In the body-mind-spirit balance, the stars are revolutionizing your whole being and today, in particular, your passions are low and your spirit is somewhat lost, but your mind regains strength and dynamism. You have to build your whole journey on that premise, Sagittarius: that the mind controls the rest of the elements.

There is also friction and arguing, at home and at work, and your brain must control situations without leaving anything to chance.


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If you think the time has come to stand up at work, now is the time. Few days you will be as strong and sure of yourself as you are today, and so inclined to make the most coherent decision without fear or renunciation. You have to expose your clear ideas and adopt the right strategy following your intuitions, because you are able to get away with your idea in whatever you propose.

Also, a purchase that a few days ago seemed exorbitant to you, today will have a more than acceptable profitability. And if in the end you decide to do it, the satisfaction will be maximum. In the bank or in your company they will try to sneak it to you, but today there is no one who can do it for you. 

All that current of energy, luck and capacity, which leads to new profits, can make you lose sight of the world. 


Touching feet on the ground is also a claim made by the astral provisions for Sagittarius natives this Saturday. All those whims you could afford until now, start to wreak havoc on your body.

The stars also foresee that a person close to you will contract a more or less serious illness affecting their health. You have to relativize the things around you and set your priorities. It's time to be by the side of those who need you.