Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |




Love is on your side so don’t worry about those comments and criticism your partner makes you, you shouldn’t take them as prejudices or get offended by them. Try to listen to these comments objectively and decide if they make sense or not. If they are right, do the necessary changes.

You and your family should stand together regarding that matter that involves the whole family. Try to avoid fights and opposing sides that make it impossible to find a satisfactory solution to the problem.

Love has been in your life for a while now, if you don’t have a partner it’s time you being a relationship. You will probably connect immediately with the person who approaches you.

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Today you’ll be able to plan that trip you’ve been putting off because of a lack of time and money. Right now it’s a good moment to enjoy the abundance that fills your life in many of its aspects.

Everything works as expected at work. It’s a calm moment and there won’t be many changes. If there were any, it would be a transfer from one work centre to another or new colleagues arriving.

If you have your own business or you’re about to start it, don’t even hesitate. Stars will be very good with you this week.


Your health will be good, but you will feel some discomfort due to the emotional tension you feel. You should try to control your stress levels before you try to reduce your physical symptoms.

You’re still feeling a little bit down emotionally, you tend to feel discouragement and apathy. Don’t let these feelings take over during this day, you’re at risk of turning them into your daily reality.

On the other hand, your ability to get over things is amazing, so if you put a little bit of an effort and focus your mind on your goals instead of your past losses and painful situations, you will be able to see a change soon.