Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



The focus of your attention is on the people you have at home, your partner and your children, if you have them, and in the case of singles the day becomes a day of attention to their own needs. The most distant people appear as something dispensable.

However, in the air ofSagittarius the magic of chance floats, and an unexpected situation can make the spark that lights the fuse jump. And that person who until now was not in your thoughts can fill the disoriented soul of a centaur with illusion.

This situation can be disconcerting, especially for the Sagittarius in pairs, because it will test your fidelity.


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The realization of certain activities that until now did not interest you can take you out of boredom in many hours of the day. If you have to rest today, it is very likely that you will feel the desperation of not knowing what to do. You will find fun in the unexpected.

And so, too, you can explore many other interests that broaden your field of vision. Don't limit yourself, Sagittarius, yours is an expansive spirit that always asks for new activities and satiate your thirst for knowledge. Surround yourself with active and open-minded people who encourage your dynamism.

On the financial side, you have to pay off some minor debts, but you have a wide enough margin to allow the exit of some assets. Face the weekend with moderation in shopping.


Your health depends on many factors, and it's okay to pay attention to what you eat, be cautious in your actions, and try to live a healthy life. But you forget an important factor: your state of mind and your mental and spiritual balance are decisive.

If you haven't thought about it until now, today you will realize it. On a particularly difficult journey in terms of social relationships and affective bonds, the rise in tension and the accumulation of nerves place you in a situation of stress that is detrimental to your heart. 

Therefore, in order to maintain the well-being you have achieved in recent weeks in health, you must reinforce some aspects such as tranquility and calm within you.