Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The shadow of the Moon on Saturn draws a journey of rather low energies that if you do not know how to manage can generate emotional problems. Try to avoid conflictive situations and environments of instability, and on the contrary, enhance those situations that can generate good vibrations.

On the other hand, however, the stars observe within you a renewed illusion for the most basic and elementary things in life, and that is very good news. At last you are learning to do without the big dreams.

Life is made up of small things, and at the end of the road great challenges await you that you can achieve step by step, without marking great feats. Sagittarius, in love, go through a small pothole, which translates into doubts about a long relationship, and shipwreck on the shore of conquered love.


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The change of the solar cycle in your regent introduces some advantages and other disadvantages that you have to take into consideration if you want to finish the day successfully. Pay close attention to the principle of authority.

This can be a very useful journey for Sagittarius who have some command post, because you will learn that in leadership authority does not have to come given by impulse, but by psychology and example.

Working harder than ever will help you earn the respect of your subordinates. Try to be fair to others and not be carried away by personal affinities. A good leader must also be balanced and equable.


The stars guess for the prediction of the horoscope of today's Sagittarius symptoms of memory loss, lack of concentration, disorientation and major misdirection due to a loss of mental solidity.

Knowing that, the best thing you can do is to mentalize yourself from early in the morning to be focused on what you are doing and avoid unnecessary absent-mindedness. Eat well so your brain works faster.

Sagittarius today may develop discomfort in the throat for having slept unprotected. Although it is a minor health problem that you can solve quickly, you have to be more careful to leave your body exposed to external agents.