Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for January 24

Your Horoscope for Thursday
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Sagittarius will meet this Thursday a very important person, who can have a fundamental influence on the dizzying period that is approaching in the soul of the Centaurs. The connection, the chemistry that appears with that person, invites us to think about a productive relationship. 

Where that relationship is heading, only time and your predisposition will determine it, but of course you are in a moment of your life that you can afford to decide what you want. 

That's why you must open your heart, listen to his call, understand your needs and decide according to your wishes and wills.


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The economy of Sagittarius will gradually recover, but that requires perseverance and a lot of work. You're entering a particularly hectic period in terms of stress and pressure, and you need to put more effort into your work, but also know how to carry the pressure.

At work it is necessary that you think about the possibility of a change, or that at least you prepare for it, because the stars notice important and very positive changes for the working life of Sagittarius.

That, clearly, also affects the unemployed Sagittarius, who after a long time will see how the working environment is gradually opened and is allowing opportunities to emerge. It is necessary that you face that moment with illusion, desire, energy and impulse.


Sagittarius are starting 2019 on the right foot as far as health is concerned, and this is a good sign. However, the situation may change due to complacency, an excess of security that leads you to relax. Health is something that requires constancy.

Therefore, and especially if you are a Sagittarius in the process of recovery, it is very important that you follow the instructions of professionals and do not relax now. Although anxiety can sometimes occur, if you finish the treatment with discipline, you will avoid important scares.

Because the stars signal for this Friday the appearance of a space of vulnerability that can reverse all the work done so far. It is necessary to maintain the same constancy.