Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |




As a Sagittarius, your main characteristic is your honesty, you’re always ready to say what you think. You are an honest person and also expect others to be honest with you as well.

As for your family, you have the quality of cheering up others, try to use it with those who you love the most. Leave your painful thoughts behind and show your ironic and funny side. Your loved ones will thank you for that.

Single Sagittarius, you’re irresistible, and the bravest of the Zodiac. Today you can risk and make an important decision in terms of love. But please, control your aggressiveness levels, they won’t help you at all.

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You know how to plan your future. Your optimism lets you carry out any venture in life so the money will always be with you. It’s not your goal, money is the result of your actions.

You’re more worried about the new project you’re about to start than the managing of what you’ve already achieved. This is probably your greatest virtue, and it makes you see further than anybody else.

You’re the creator of your own luck, your optimism in life shows you the right direction when others can only see dead ends. Use your gifts, Sagittarius, the Stars are on your side.


You know your hips, your lumbar and the sciatica are your weakest points. Sciatica, in particular, will appear in your life intermittently and will stop you from moving. Today you should be particularly careful and try not to make sudden movements that could reactivate the pain.

On the other hand, you can benefit from daily physical exercise. It will help you get rid of stress and toxins. Don’t miss the chance to go for a walk or ride your bike.

If you want to calm down and stop feeling melancholic, you could try Bach flowers, the essence of verbena will make you feel particularly better. Don’t neglect your diet and drink plenty of water.