Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



This last day of the week is beneficial for the mood of Sagittarius and their spiritual growth. The disposition of the planets attracts to Jupiter the providence of enlightenment, and this makes you a more rational individual open to abstract thoughts.

Religion and philosophy, as well as certain esoteric knowledge and renewing thought systems allow you to relativize certain aspects of your existence and the problems that haunt you on a daily basis. You realize that life is an exciting experience.

An ideal time to rethink certain goals in life and redirect your preferences. A day of personal growth and well-being with yourself and others. 


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The inclination towards abstract thought that the stars give you for this Sunday predispose you to resume mental and intellectual activity. The tasks that require starting your brain are developed with special ease and offer you chances of success.

It is also a day specially indicated to update your accounts, or the figures of your business. When faced with financial problems, stay away from emotions and face challenges with pure rationality. Your brilliant ideas will work marvelously if you execute them with will.

When you're going out to enjoy that Sunday, don't think about money. It's okay to be conservative in your accounts and try to save, but obsessing about it prevents you from enjoying your activities.


Some addictions such as smoking and electronic devices are altering your nerves and aggravating the state of stress that accompanies you this Monday. This can distort your mood and subject you to some episodes of anxiety complicated for your health.

Daily habits mark your health and mood more than ever, so you need to make an extra effort to give up certain behaviors. You are endowed with the inner peace and mental strength necessary to get rid of certain vices.

The stars demand greater determination in your willpower. Everyday problems can be overcome from traqnuilidad, and for this you need fullness in your body and in your mind.