Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope





You will get great surprises if you show your most affectionate side today. Your loved ones will be delighted with your change of attitude these last days, so get ready to receive many displays of love.

You might feel overwhelmed for all this happiness, but don’t worry, it’s normal, you’re so used to being stressed and feeling pressure that, once you are happy, you don’t know how to react.

If you’re single, give in to seduction, the Stars are on your side today and will help you enhance every step you take in this direction. Don’t be afraid of anything, just enjoy the happiness of the first contact.

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If you feel like booking some nice holidays, don’t think about it, just do it! You deserve a reward after all the part circumstances you’ve gone through. You can afford it now, give yourself some days to rest and enjoy life.

There won’t be any important change in your working life today. Things have calmed down and gone back to normal. Don’t think about tensions from the past nor bring any conflictive situations back to your mind, you’ve overcome all of this. Live the moment and focus on this moment.

When you think about the future, shape your dreams and build the bridge that will take you to your goals.


You feel strong enough to carry on your health objectives. You’ve been changing your physical activity routines with baby steps every day and this makes you feel better.

Food is another important aspect of your health. Don’t leave it for another moment, you can start with little changes every day so there will be a time when you will have adopted a new healthy habit.

Remember to switch off and contact your inner self every day, it doesn’t matter how, and find this moment to devote it to yourself. You will feel supported by those around you, stop focusing on their needs and learn to take care of yourself.