Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope



Today’s prediction for Sagittarius warns you about the need to value the little things. There’s nothing better than a picnic in a park in order to surprise your partner with a romantic date, instead of a fancy restaurant.

Originality will be compensated today, so if you want your relationship to work fantastically, take advantage of the information the Magic Horoscope gives you. Don’t go the easiest way, use your imagination a little bit.

If single, this Thursday’s horoscope advises you to ask yourself what you want before you begin any relationship. If you know what you want, you will be able to refuse what is not your idea of love.

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Sagittarius, your prediction about money for today reveals that you’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, no more and no less. However, try not to waste your money in trivialities, such as expensive hotel rooms or designer clothes that you don’t really need.

Your boss has congratulated you for a well-done job, your colleagues have thanked you for it and even some clients are sending you emails expressing their gratitude.

Things are going really well for Sagittarius this Thursday, it’s time to begin your way to success if you still haven’t started. But don’t forget to have a good saving plan in case there’s some tough moment.


Your horoscope shows that you’ve always known how important it is to exercise. You’ve never neglected your physical state, which is a great advantage, so today shouldn’t be the exception.

No matter if it’s swimming, yoga or basketball, your favourite sports discipline and training for it is what keeps you sane, happy and healthy, without really worrying about what crazy story is going on at work. Congratulate yourself, you deserve it!

This constancy when it comes to following a workout plan can also help you establish a meditating plan. Don’t forget about your spirituality, Sagittarius, you know you’re lost without it.