Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



A long-shaken relationship seems to be coming to a critical moment when Sagittarius will have to make a momentous decision. Although the situation may overwhelm you, you will soon realize that it can be a liberating decision.

The pain and suffering from the loss can be perfectly compatible with the personal evolution that you have to let go of ballast and move purposefully towards a future full of hope and personal growth.

The journey will pass between bitter sensations and amusing moments until a touch of magic turns your life into a happy and joyful experience thanks to a miracle: you will reconcile with a person from whom you had inexplicably separated.


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The change of economic trend around you strengthens the opening of new opportunities that can come poisoned. Now more than ever you have to use your sixth sense for finance and sharpen the cunning.

It's not always bad to be suspicious and to reinforce your closed-mindedness towards some innovative ideas, Sagittarius: you always have to know how to combine risk and conservation and alternate them according to the moment. This energizes your economy and widens the margin for maneuver.

Now it's time to be suspicious and conserve, not take decisions lightly. And with time you will see that the strategy bears fruit. 

Business trips will be a very productive Monday for Sagittarius. Instead, take special care with the packages you send, as they may get lost.


In your doctor's ultimate consideration of a serious problem there may be two reactions: sink in and think that all is lost, or take your warrior spirit out of Sagittarius and ride to victory.

Did you know that the stars are on your side in everything that affects the recovery process?

Take advantage of this situation to organize new routines in your life centered on rehabilitation, and little by little you will see how good sensations and the improvement of your organism will accompany this radical optimism.  

In general, Sagittarius have a hard time getting the dynamics of the day today and instead end the day at maximum revolutions.