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There is no magic recipe to overcome the lack of love, Sagittarius, but there is an infallible formula not to get hurt at all: follow your principles. Ethics is the refuge of pain, because when you feel desperate you have the consolation of having followed firm and non-negotiable values.

And this is very important, more than you think. Especially because Sagittarius will be tempted to give in to some unethical attitudes. Having certain dishonorable behaviors will be negative in the long run.

Don't try to satisfy immediate needs with attitudes that violate your principles.


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Envy will be the worst travel companion for Sagittarius this Friday. On the other hand, recognizing the work of others can be a valuable tool for learning and perfecting your work. Be smart and grow from the positive.

Today, moreover, you need extra motivation to get the job done at the same pace. Sometimes you may notice restlessness, and that is why it is necessary to maintain the activity and dynamism.

Although it may seem innocent to you, reading a few motivational sentences every morning before going to work can be a very important incentive. You have to internalize them and put them into practice. Self-help books can also be very important tools.


It is a priority to abandon that period in which you have been leaving healthy habits and regain discipline, especially with diet. The stars warn of the urgent need for the Sagittarius to take care of their diet with controlled diets in order to lose weight and detoxify.

Submitting yourself to a strict diet is counterproductive, Sagittarius, because when you go hungry you end up giving in to temptations. On the other hand, there are ingenious diets that ensure that you don't go hungry and are effective.

The green diet includes the foods necessary to provide your body with proteins, vitamins and minerals, but makes vegetables predominate such as spinach, beans, artichokes, lettuce, cucumber, peas, broccoli, apple, pepper, squash or celery.