Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



This month of March you have experienced some disappointing days in love, Sagittarius, especially if the stars have not so far blessed you with a stable and lasting relationship. But the fate of the single centaurs changes from today, and in an exciting way.

Buckle up because you're about to take off on an exciting journey through the difficult but pleasurable terrains of love. Magic Horoscope warns you that new people break into your life, and some of them are predestined to share many good things with you.

Stop lamenting and recover the irresistible essence of your attractiveness.



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The conditions in which you work are essential and a priority for you to develop your activity properly. Have you considered that disorder and abandonment of your work environment can affect your performance? Tidy up your office or workplace.

Especially if you are a Sagittarius who performs physical tasks, this Monday you must pay special attention to the prevention of occupational risks. And beware, because it is not only about avoiding accidents and blows. The position of the body and the movements are also very important not to damage your body.

Archers working in an office in front of a computer must be careful with their eyes. Consider if it is not time to put on glasses that protect you from prolonged exposure to the screen.


Look out, Sagittarius! The stars notice certain excesses in the physical activities that, if not accompanied by an adequate diet, can give you a scare or two. To face certain exercises your body must have adequate reserves of vitamins and minerals.

A balanced diet also helps to ensure the necessary supply of carbohydrates and proteins, essential for your muscles to respond to your needs in any activity. Especially at work, physical effort can leave you exhausted.

The same can happen in intimate relationships. Don't be surprised if today you can't give everything you'd like, and when faced with any sexual potency problem, remember that you're not a machine. Don't obsess about it.