Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for April 26

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Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope

- Love
- Money
- Health



If you want your partner to respond the way you wish, you should better show your best side first. We all have a positive response to sweet actions so don’t just stay there waiting for them, be the one to take the first step.

This last week of the month the energy of love is strong inside of you, use it to make your relationship bonds stronger. Being it with your partner, your children or family in general, love only grows where it’s taken care of.

If you’re single your free spirit will prevent you from having lasting relationships, what you will have are intense and brief love stories. Enjoy the moment and don’t look back. Live always gives us exactly what we need.

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Your money should flow in harmony, income and expenses must be balanced, don’t let any part dominate the other one or you will block the flow of abundance in your life.

If you live some uncomfortable situation in your workplace because of some workmate of yours, don’t give it any importance. Let the uncomfortable situation pass and don’t get involved in situations that only bring negativity and conflict. If you give it time, everything will be alright.

Focus on what’s really important to you and pursue your professional goals without hesitation. Anything you do today in favour of your goals, will become achievements tomorrow.


You feel more radiant than ever, that’s why you might commit yourself to participate in too many activities, so you could end up very stressed in the end, when you’re not capable of doing everything. Don’t try to do everything, it’s better if you only choose what makes you feel good.

You’ve been some time taking care of your inner peace. Spirituality is becoming really important in your life. Understand that spirituality doesn’t mean going to a temple to pray, it’s more of an internal job.

Keep taking care of your inner self as well as your physical body, you’re going the right direction, Sagittarius.