Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |




Sagittarius, you will have to make an effort this Monday if you want to get rid of your armour and open yourself to love. Whether you’re in a relationship or not, those around you will miss your displays of love and your old predisposition to be loving.

The prediction for today warns you of the possible mistakes you might commit with those who love you because you’re too focused on yourself. You should try to get rid of your protective shell and show others how much you care about them.

If single, you should be guided only by your heart if you want to find someone like you. The stars predict the possibility of having a romance as long as you’re able to get over your insecurities regarding the matters of the heart.

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Sagittarius, you’re famous for your good strategies when it comes to making money. If you’re in a good moment, your overwhelming optimism will lead you to success.

The starspredict that you, Sagittarius, will be so focused on your objective that you will be very likely to succeed. You will probably achieve fame and fortune even if you’re not looking for it.

The only thing you need to learn is how to count your money. You know how to get it, but not how to manage it. You need to be careful in this aspect if you want to keep your wealth.


Sagittarius, you like to eat well, and that’s why you might have a tendency for being overweight. If you have a healthy, balanced diet, you will stabilize your weight. You should be careful when indulging, even if you believe it’s just a special occasion.

On the other hand, the positive thing for Sagittarius’ health is that you have a very good mood. You’re joyful optimists that tend to stay away from depressive states. You’ve never hit bottom because you’re strong enough to get over the difficulties and get back in track.

This strength is what will help you today, together with the help of the Stars, and you will be able to leave behind those painful moments of your emotional life.