Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



The understanding of Sagittarius multiplies during today, and that's not always good, because you start turning things around (much more than you should!). Listen, Sagittarius: you don't have to turn small problems into big worries.

You will learn to get along better with the people you hate the most, and you will discover in loyal and faithful friends some breaches through which double standards, betrayals and deceits are filtered. Nothing is as it seems, Centaur, so walk with four eyes.

As for love, it is better not to judge at first sight. In the conquest the first impressions always count a lot, but today it is better that you take your time to meet people. Someone who at first seems so far away from what you are looking for may end up being a revelation.


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In transactions you have to read the small print and not trust any word. Any precaution is little to walk safe and sound through the jungle of business, which today has dawned full of wild beasts and treacherous bugs on the lookout for a Sagittarius prey.

Study the attitude of your rivals, strengthen the protection of your finances, reduce the circle of trust, assume a more aggressive attitude and put all reservations to the tempting proposals.

A very successful working day on the part of the Sagittarius who carry out humanitarian and assistance work: you will learn a lot and you will empathize especially with others. In the exact sciences, on the other hand, assurances seem to wobble too much.


The week is evolving satisfactorily for people who are in a post-operative period: you get up with better mood and physical fullness offers you much more optimistic perspectives. It's time to set more ambitious goals without fear.

It is important that this week Sagittarius follow the medical prescriptions and the therapy recommended by the specialists, because going on your own can be counterproductive for your health. There are some complications to try to alter the natural order of things ...

Second opinions are always good, even though the important thing is always to trust the people who know more about this.