Sagittarius Daily Horoscope for January 26

Your Horoscope for Saturday
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This Saturday can be liberating for Sagittarius who are in the process of solving problems. It consolidates an inner change, personal, individual, that implies more maturity, evolution towards a tranquility and stability that offers personal satisfaction.

In that stability you have found wonderful treasures such as friendship, love, and family, and there are incredible people who are accompanying you on this exciting journey toward regaining control of your life. Now is the time to enjoy it.

This weekend can be an unforgettable life experience next to the people you love, if you take your optimistic side, stop blaming yourself and isolate all the doubts that can seize your heart.


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Your arrival at the desired results will not be accompanied, this weekend, by the desired rewards, and that puts you in a dangerous position of disappointment and discouragement. To think that all the effort made is not worth it will only worsen the situation.

Recognitions, rewards and work improvements will appear slowly but surely and steadily, as surely and steadily as your work effort should be based on patience. 

It may seem to you that it is a position too sacrificed, but in the working life of Sagittarius is about to open a period of prosperity that recalibrates continuity, motivation and resistance despite current conditions. Patience and effort will be rewarded.


This Saturday is the definitive release of the energies that makes you reach the state of physical, mental and spiritual fullness that crystallizes the perfect balance. Strength can not only be physical, Sagittarius, and therefore you must fight to accompany it with mental power.

In some moments of the day, the stars foresee complications of a cough that you have been dragging for days, with some problems in the respiratory system. However, it is not serious and the key is to overcome it through the power of your mind and the strength of the spirit.

It is a very appropriate day to devote a few moments to talk to yourself, to listen to the signs of your body and continue to grow spiritually.