Sagittarius Daily Horoscope | Magic Horoscope




You will live intense emotions in your love life. Your relationship with your partner has gone through many ups and downs this week but you’ve known how to get back the connection that keeps you together. Today you will celebrate this achievement.

As for family, some members of it will rethink some important issue and will backtrack on it. You’ve had to deal with a lot of responsibility for a long time and this is something that will change soon.

If you’re single you will be successful in terms of love. You’re attractive and know how to seduce, you’re very natural and your honesty is your characteristic. If you remember to use your sense of humour nothing will go wrong.

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Today you will make an important decision regarding money. You will need to spend a considerable amount of money in order to solve an unexpected problem. The good news is that you have this money so your finances won’t suffer.

You’re getting to a point of no return at work, the decisions you make from now on will be crucial. If you already feel that your time in that job position is over, don’t hesitate and change now.

Today you will deal with a task that might not seem very important but it will be the key that defines your professional future. Pay attention to everything you do because there is where you will find the answer that will guide you to success.


You’ve been a while without moving a lot and your body is showing it in a palpable way. Those pains that are becoming chronic would disappear if you could spend some time doing moderate exercise.

Today it’s the beginning of a calm and positive stage for you. Everything you’ve gone through has made you stronger so from now on you’ll be able to see life with different eyes.

Don’t forget to count on those who love you on your way to personal evolution. Sometimes you want to be too independent and this can lead you to self-imposed loneliness. Try not to isolate yourself too much.