Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |



You enter the space of amorous speculation, and that's only positive as prevention of some possible frustrations that then leave you exhausted. But at the same time it is a brake, and at the present time, you will pay too high a price: the loss of opportunity.

The advantage for you is that you have much clearer ideas than before. Knowing what you want and what you are willing to give for it makes you a much more mature being who is prepared to face a new relationship with guarantees. 

Don't stand in the way yourself, Sagittarius. Without ever renouncing your identity and your needs, open yourself to a new possibility without allowing yourself to be carried away by censorship and fatalism.


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Find a way to attract money by creating a space of trust and optimism. Even if you're a little skeptical about it, you should know that good energies flow in the right direction for situations to work in your favor.

And if you blindly believe in the power of vibrations to attract money, remember that that is not enough. Now is a very special time for the natives of Jupiter to enhance spells and rituals, and put their optimism at the service of attraction. But don't forget the work and effort... 

A bad situation today will be a tempting challenge for the Sagittarius, so instead of getting in a bad mood, you face the challenge with a desire to demonstrate and ability to overcome.


For days now, the cosmos warns you of the dangers of worsening your health due to the accumulation of fatigue and the abandonment of certain healthy habits essential for everyday life. Today, exhaustion will take a toll on your physical condition.

To face the day with guarantees it is not enough to overflowing with coffee. On the contrary, it becomes counterproductive. On the contrary, you must add to your meals some vegetables and nutritious condiments, and complement it with some herbs with energetic power.

Nobody knows your body better than you, Sagittarius, and there are no miracle recipes. But if you experiment and strive to give your body better quality food, this downturn will be just a bump.