Sagittarius Daily Horoscope |





Love is part of your life these days, if you want it to continue like this you just have to keep this good tune you’ve got. Things don’t happen for no reason, they happen the right moment when one is ready.

Enjoy everything good you’re sharing with your loved one and those around you. This kind of honeymoon stage could be a constant in your life if you pay enough attention to all the details and don’t let routine break this magic spell.

Even if you have a partner or you’re working on it, your heart is totally open so today you will emanate love wherever you go. This translates into absolute feeling of well-being.

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Someone close to you will ask to borrow some money now you could lend it without worries. You should see if that person is really trustworthy before you are generous as usual.

Today, forget all these ideas you usually have about your professional life. Use your energy for something more enjoyable, such as your family, your partner or your friends. Don’t waste your day thinking about something that’s not urgent at all.

Nothing will stop you now you have your finances in order and your goals are set. Go one step at a time and head patiently to the place you want to get. There’s no going back.


Today you feel encouraged and really strong. Your body responds with much energy so you can use it for a hike. If you like the sea, you can plan a day around the sun and water, your health will benefit from it.

You feel in a really good mood and you transmit your smile to those around you. It’s been long since you felt so light, without worries, so don’t let any toxic person or situation threaten this feeling.

The contact with your body will help you improve your personal well-being. Do something that implies being aware of your own physical body. Disciplines like yoga, tai chi, shiatsu or reiki will help you feel better.